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Our business philosophy can be wrapped up into two core concepts:

Zero Delay Tolerance
You have to launch your services yesterday.  Every minute of construction translates into lost opportunities, lost revenue and great inconvenience for your staff and customers.  We understand that time is money and that downtime of clients’ facilities is quite costly.  We share our clients’ sense of urgency, and set our goals to ensure that their projects meet every deadline and open sharp on schedule.  Since every project is time-sensitive and has extended lead-time orders, we developed strict confirmation and redundancy processes that guarantee timely completion of each scheduled delivery and installation.  We do not tolerate subcontractor or vendor delays and only select the ones that can adhere to this high level of performance.
Zero Punch List 
We have established self-policing procedures to ensure that our employees and vendors adhere to the highest industry standards of quality.  We strive for perfection on all quality and completeness inspections to make sure that every project reaches timely completion and provides enjoyment and functionality for many years.  We place extreme value on our vendors’ ability to provide excellent maintenance, repair and warranty service and only utilize approved and tested vendors.  Bottom line – when you open, everything is done and punch list completed.  No painters running around with brushes as you are moving in or techs tweaking your new equipment.  Done and done right.