Whether coupled with construction services or requested separately, our preconstruction services are frequently sought after by Owners, Operators or Architects to eliminate much of guess work and ambiguity about project budgets, scheduling and constructability.  The following pre-construction services are available:

Site Survey and Analysis.

  • Field Verification of Critical Measures
  • Verify delivery routes and logistics of materials and eqiupment
  • Establish presence of adequate utilities

Estimating and Value Engineering

  • Prepare detailed conceptual project budget utilizing takeoff ProEst estimating software with CSI 48 MasterFormat breakdown (or CSI 16/others as requested)
  • Detailed analysis of costs vs budget requirements.
  • Suggest alternate solutions encompassing cost savings, schedule modifications possible quality impact.

Agency Approval Assistance

  • Agency approval coordination and filing on Local, County and State Levels
  • Courier Services for Permit Submission for Local, County and State approvals
  • Permitting including site plan and building permits

Constructability Review

  • Thoroughly review design documents for inaccuracies and possible concerns
  • Obtain subcontract/trades input
  • Asses proposed materials, equipment and systems
  • Investigate conditions of walls, flooring and bearing components and make recommendations for any required environmental inspections/studies and/or additional inspection requirements.

Procurement Management

  • Solicit vendor quotes and estimates
  • Ascertain long lead time items and equipment
  • Issue Purchase Orders
  • Pre-qualify trade subcontractors and award contracts
  • Coordinate submittals